Hungarian trunk prefix 06. To use or not to use.

…. another day at work and another question about phone numbers and formats. This time a question about Hungarian phone numbers and more specifically the usage of the 06 trunk prefix.  For a random number +36 1 20 22222, Google’s libphonenumber library currently formats the “NATIONAL” format as (1) 202 2222

(v 8.8.10)

The customer says this should include the 06 prefix which from looking at the Telephone numbers in Hungary I tend to agree with.

However, it seems this has already been brought up as a libphonenumber issue but it was closed with the explanation that  (1) 202 2222 is how you write it down on a paper(?) and  06 (1) 202 2222 is how you dial it from a mobile phone. But from what I can tell the 06 prefix is included in all the dialing permutations:


With the exception of landline-landline within the same area as well as possibly mobil-mobile within the same network. Based on that I think the suggested solution of using the formatNumberForMobileDialing is not satisfactory.

I posted the question on Quora: and got conflicting answers.

Found some Hungarian coworkers to suggested that 06 the norm and referring to government webpages like:

Website of the Hungarian goverment 06-1-795-7977

Tax Authority 06 (80) 20-21-22

Seems it’s also getting more common these days to just dial using the country code +36 1 808 8125 even within the country and in many cases that’s the only number format provided.
Let’s see if I the libphonenumber maintainers will reconsider changing the default national format to include 06 so I don’t have to do a one off fix for Hungarian. What’s next?

Is your software supporting Galactic Standard Time?

So I was replaying Star Wars: The Force Awakens the other day and in one scene I thought I heard “Galactic Standard Time”. Had to rewind and no kidding, the PA announcer is prompting “All sentry droids, resynchronize to Galactic Standard Time, offset 473.” I’ve been researching issues related to Global Timezones and Daylight Saving Time this past year, so much so I guess that this rang an unconscious bell. Snagged the clip for your viewing pleasure. I’m pretty sure anyone into Software Internationalization (I18) and Star Wars will appreciate this one.

Can’t find much official information about Galactic Standard Time but it’s obviously used by the First Order on Starkiller Base

Wookiepedia has some articles about Time though:

Would be interesting to continue researching dates and times within the Star Wars universe.